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The Hard Way The Right Way

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The Hard Way The Right Way

Doing the right thing is not a common practice, because it is hard, slow and uncomfortable; but it proves to be the only way that leads to true happiness and sustained success.

The Hard Way The Right Way lesson does not give the reader or student easy and quick fixes to their entrepreneurial, career and life challenges, but neither does it make life any harder than it should be.

In the read you will:
Define your craft (passion) once and for all
Define your DREAM, – The TRUTH
Turn your craft into your dream/career business
Learn 17 Practical and Simple lessons to employ in order to fulfill your dream without compromising your ethical values.
Be motivated to TAKE ACTION

From his ten years of experience as an entrepreneur, Bathembu draws the philosophy of The Hard Way The Right Way in order to give light to the many entrepreneurs and professionals who face countless challenges and discouragements, so that they may find a way to attain their dreams and goals in the right way. The truth is that it is hard - but it can be done.

If you want to achieve something noteworthy for yourself, you must have the courage to do the hard part - and to do it right. No one will do it for you. There is no easy way – Shortcuts and a quick fix are always costly – and the right way can feel hard, but you must not be afraid of the hard way when it is the right way.

When you begin hard, you will finish easy. When you begin easy, you will finish hard.